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Individualized exercise programs

Balance and stability retraining

Strengthening / core strengthening 

Improving body awareness

Accessing community fitness centers / programs

Weight management

Sensory integration

Motor skill development / coordination

Diversion therapy

Socialization skills

Mindful exercise / injury prevention

Stress management

Falls prevention

Cardiovascular / heart health

NDIS certified provider

We have over 15 years of experience in professional personal training, with a degree in Health and Fitness from The American College of Sports Medicine. This expertise is backed by national and international accredited training and techniques. We focus on creating personalized exercise programs to help our clients improve their health and wellness and to meet their fitness goals. We work with clients of all ages one-on-one or in group settings.

Having a medical based degree in Occupational Therapy provides us with knowledge of human development, muscular skeletal and cardiovascular systems. We are able to apply this knowledge when establishing health and wellness programs, and in doing so provide a superior level of training.

We specialize in injury recovery and prevention, and incorporate balance, coordination and core strengthening into all our programs. Our programs and training aim to provide benefits that translate to improved functionality in daily life. Most importantly our training is fun!

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